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Our First Shop

Marioara de la Tara · 7 October 2017

One Saturday in february 2009 we were at the Bisquit Mill Market selling our soaps, when someone aproached us with a proposal for opening a shop in their new mall due to open that october.

An idea like this was apealing but weighing a lot of responsibilities on our path. We had to consider our philosophy of natural and sustainable and setting the right example.


In tipical Wild Olive Artisans fashion, when we have a challenge in front of us, we learn, we prepare and then we just get it done.

Now we had to learn to be interior designers, how to create a complete line of products for a viable monobrand retail concept and everything about running a shop. Which in itself, is a completely different business to that of running a manufacture.

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And this is how, in just 7 months from making the decision to accept this proposal, we opened our first shop. It had a naïve, infant vibe, the purity of our thought. The layout and furniture was designed by us and the entire shop was belt from reclaimed oregon pine- a very popular construction building material that mostly ends up in the ladfils if it is not recaimed and reused by anyone. The floor was real stone and the tops were marble. The idea of reclaimed wood and everything made by us by hand was a bit ahead of its time, but we did not care, we loved our little shop.


The product line was a great reason for us to speed the development of our perfume laboratory and the learning of the craft. An important part of our success was the unicity our our product’s fragrances. Indeed, we do not follow any particular trend in regards to perfume making, we just tell the stories we choose to tell.


We make cosmetic and perfumery products for people who want to support our philosophy of a simple life lived in harmony with nature. Those people who want to be a part of the solution.  The people who want less products in their bathrooms, but products that work and give more meaning to their purchase. through opening this shop we made many friends who were by our side since, supporting our ideas and giving us their valuable feedback that helped us become who we are today.


Our first ever shop was a great learning curve, not an easy one, but one that we are grateful for.

Until today, through these doors we fulfill our mission of ambassadors for the “Made in Africa” products.