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A Solid Foundation

Marioara de la Tara · 15 September 2017

Our company was started by a farmacist from Simon’s Town who used to work in Hout Bay at one of the oldest and still, until today, independent pharmacies in Cape Town.

He noticed that many people were asking him to recommend a soap that would not dry their skin, or a soap that they would use with confidence when bathing their new born babies. Some people had more serious skin conditions and they also would have liked to have a soap that would not irritate the skin further.

So, in his spare time at home, he started working on a soap formula that could be good for all these needs.

In 1996 he was giving his soaps to friends and some of the pharmacy customers to try and in 1997 he made his first invoice in the name of Wild Olive.


The soap was made with olive oil in the good old, cold proccess method. Each bar was cut by hand, dried on a rack and than packaged in a hand painted carton sleeve tied with rafia string that received a hand written tag.


In the first decade, our company was only making and selling this soap.


For me, this was a good example for a start of entrepreneurial success: a simple idea focused on an effective product that works and that people need.


We were very lucky in 2007 to be able to buy this small company and its soap recipe and we decided to keep the name of Wild Olive.

This simple bar of soap and this simple business idea were the foundation on which we grew our company. Our philosophy is based on these pillars and therefore everytime we create a new product we ensure that we maintain our authenticity and our values:

Each product has a specific purpose

Each is made only with natural ingredients

All products are made by hand

They are suitable to people with sensitive skin

We are socially and environmentally conscious

We are committed to the experience without compromise


Today, Wild Olive Artisan Apothecary and Artistic Perfumery House brings the authentic fragrance of nature closer to you through a culture of honest, simple and exquisite quality products characteristic of a life lived in harmony with nature.