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Eye & Lip Balm

5 August 2018



Southern Africa is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, but also for its harsh climate.

The original people who inhabited this territory during thousands of years have developed specific remedies in order to protect and care for their skin.

They inspired us to look in depth at their practices for harvesting, preserving and preparing the potions as pioneers of the beauty and cosmetic rituals as we know them today, when the African nuts, seeds, plants, oils, resins, gums or essences are precious resources for skincare remedies.

Our balm is made with organic waxes, oils and extracts renowned for their protective, hydrating, regenerative, anti-oxidant properties

What it does

This formula will assist the fine, thin skin around your eyes and lips to maintain optimal moisture levels at cellular level, fighting free radicals that contribute to cellular damage and aging, preventing loss of elasticity and softening the appearance of the fine lines

The silky, nutritious and non – comedogenic composition is ideal for skin and lips that are dry and damaged offering also protection from the environment. The rich balm will melt into the skin while revealing its subtle scent

How to use

It can be gently massaged around the eyes and on the lips with the tips of the ring fingers (the ring fingers are considered to be the finest and softest of the fingertips). It can be used over the moisturizer and under the foundation

When to use

Our balm can be used daily, mornings and evenings after cleansing and serum

It is an ideal quick remedy for mild and medium sunburn. Ideally it should be carried around in your everyday bag

Who should use it

It is suitable to all skin types, and is ideal for mature, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin.

Some of the ingredients:

Encapsulated in a base of shea butter and beeswax, our ingredient selection was made based on the reputation of effectiveness of each material:

OLIVE OIL: healing, deep moisturiser, adds smoothness, softens deep tissue

JOJOBA OIL: moisturising, easily absorbed, non-greasy

CARROT SEED: improves the aspect of the skin, antioxidant, moisturising

WHEAT GERM OIL:  relaxing, moisturising, helps eczema and psoriasis

ROSEHIP: antioxidant, regenerative, reduces blemishes, moisturising

APRICOT KERNEL: easily absorbed, relaxing, soothing, reduces the appearance of fine lines

ROSE ABSOLUTE: regenerative, revitalizes the aspect of the skin

NEROLI: relaxing, regenerative, promotes smooth skin

PALMAROSA: relieves stiff muscles, moisturises, regenerative, keeps skin supple, reduces blemishes