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Botany Bay, the scent of a wonderful place

Marioara de la Tara · 6 June 2019

Ellerman House is the most prestigious boutique hotel on the Continent and a patron of our made to order service.

When we started the development for their line of products the brief was extremely clear and short and I understood immediately that “made to order” was something that came naturally to the Ellerman folk. Their respect for the artist and the artisan is at its maximum, which made it for an ideal scenario for us. Freedom is a rare word in product development!

The fragrance was ready very fast unlike most of my work that tends to develop through several years. It was also a matter of luck: it had to depict the indigenous flora of the Cape and I like to think that this is my forte repertoire to interpret.

Bantry Bay was formerly known as ‘Botany Bay’ and therefore this was to be the name of the fragrance. It is a unisex composition of various indigenous Southern African herbs that will remind you of your time spent here.

The line comprises of 15 products such as home fragrance, bath and body and a travel collection that could go everywhere with you.

Products are prepared to order and delivered weekly, sometimes daily.

This is a perfectly synchronized partnership between two businesses and their people who together strive to offer the best to their customers.

The only difficult part for you is, that if you do not stay at Ellerman House, you will never, ever even smell this perfume. But if you do, or if you are a Club Member (by invitation only, sorry) you could purchase anything you like from their studio collection.

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